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  1. Are you looking for a way to promote your brand, capture leads, and boost sales? 

  2. How are you planning on driving traffic to your booth?

  3. Will they remember you out of all the other exhibitors? 

A Photo Booth can do all of these things for you! The purpose of an expo is to promote your business and bring attention to your products and/or services. A photo booth will bring a fun, feel good type atmosphere to your exhibit and put everyone in the right frame of mind for reviewing your products and services. The photo booth line creates a perfect opportunity to network, exchange business cards, shake hands, and ask people questions. 

Trade Shows /  Conventions / Grand Opening

photo booth
photo booth

5 HUGE reasons why you should book our photo booth;

1) Drive Traffic;

Having a photo booth creates immediate interest, and visitors will gravitate towards your booth looking for a fun, and memorable souvenir. Offer a prize giveaway with our contest feature.  

2) Enhance Your Brand’s Exposure;

A huge part of marketing is developing a brand name and having people recognize your logo. We can extend your corporate brand by creating customized templates using your company colors, logo, and social media links.

3) Learn;

That's right, learn! By using our simple, short survey feature, you can learn more about what your potential customers are looking for. Are they interested in cost efficiency or maybe looking for something new?

4) Fun!!!;

Photo booths can attract customers of all ages. The nostalgic nature of photo booths can evoke positive emotions in the guests and visitors attending your event. And don't be afraid to get in there and join in on the fun also! Hilarious props and a fun staff can create smiles and laughs which will lead to more sales! 

5) Get them to remember you;

How do you stay in the forefront of their minds? If someone uses your photo booth to take a picture of themselves there's almost a guarantee that they're going to post that picture on some sort of social media. In addition to your company logo and web links, you can include a promo code on the photo that people can use for your service or product. The promo code could be for a free trial, a discount, or a raffle contest. This simple marketing tactic may help convert visitors into paying customers.

    A photo booth can be an effective way to help promote your business and gain more market share. At the end of the day, people won't even realize that they're advertising for you for free because all they want to do is share their photos.
    Do not be like the other guys and give out the same old

t-shirts and pens!  

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