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windy herring happie cactus photo booth

Windy Herring


A little bit about me;


    I’m a Florida-grown girl from Colorado. My parents both were born and raised in Hialeah, FL. I have four amazing kids, an amazing boyfriend, one Siberian Husky who thinks he’s a puppy, one mean cat, and another cat who seems to think we don't exist. I am passionate about God and my family. I enjoy the outdoors and try to take my kid's camping at least twice a year. We love road trips and trying new things and meeting new people. 


Why a Photo Booth business? 


      Actually I accidentally stumbled across an advertisement for an Open-Air Photo Booth. Before this, I still assumed photo booths were just like the old-time booths you would see at a movie theater. Like the ones, you would have to cram all of your friends inside to take a goofy photo. Photo Booths have come a long way since then. The photos are now professional-looking, there's GIFs, videos, props, animations, and so much more. This caught my attention. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It drew me in for some reason. I thought “why not”, I love taking pictures! Also, this would be a great business my whole family could be a part of, and I love watching everyone have a great time!


Mission Statement;


    Happie Cactus takes pride in making sure our guests are 100% satisfied. 

    We believe that having exceptional customer service is a key ingredient to a long-lasting successful business! Our goal is to put a smile on every face that comes into our photo booth!   

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